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Thu, 03/03/2011 - 16:04 -- Joe Budzinski

Some updates:

Update 1, for Tim and others: The place to get coconut water is now officially Costco. Yes, I said COSTCO, damn you; so please get yourself over there if you have a membership and buy some so they will keep stocking it. It is in the back near the paper towels. Once Costco gets into a product line with their massive purchasing power and brutal, rock-bottom pricing demands on their suppliers it spells nothing except massive victory for us customers. The price there for coconut water works out to almost exactly 3.99 per 33 oz, which is the best price I have found anywhere in the past year.

If you do not have a Costco membership, the place to go is called Global Mart (I think), on that main road in Ashburn that changes names three times. It is the only large international supermarket in central Loudoun County.

Update 2: This blog is officially back online. To put it in perspective: Last time I had to put it on ice it was for a 9-month hiatus, and this time was only for 8 weeks, so our progress is practically at the speed of light. At this rate, I fully expect to have perfected controllable nuclear fusion by next week. The hiatus is over; it may take a little more time to post the final installment on the "Religion" post (on which more below), but dagnabit if God is willing we shall be back on track here like an honest to goodness normal blog.

Update 3: My roadblock was mainly along the lines of: life interrupting my plans, which happens sometimes. In this case I had effected this massive lifestyle change and the repercussions took a number of weeks to shake out. On the plus side, I was already deeply immersed in ruminations of a salient nature because of the posts on Eternal Life and such, so in my personal life the progress continued apace from those two blog posts, and all in all it became a truly productive stretch of time - apart from the minor detail that no writing got done. Sometimes, that is just the way it goes: You can't talk while working or else it messes up the work.

But that period is now pretty much over, I have fixed the visual theme problem which had become a bit of a buzz kill for me, and we should be back on track here to get this blog humming along with regular updates a mere 12 months after its launch. Gosh, I love it when a plan comes together.

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